We source and contributes to improving, low-cost products from both worldwide and domestic markets, which we sell directly to our customers.

Instant Wholemilk Powder
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Instant Wholemilk Powder

Our history

Akaflour Ventures Corporation was founded with dedication and passion by a family of well-trained and successful years of trade expertise. Our company flourishes because of our expertise in selling high-quality items, developing new solutions, and providing superior customer service. We're also proud of our strong technical background and expertise, dependable logistical support, and ability to form solid supply chain partnerships with our customers.We have been sourcing high-quality, low-cost products from both worldwide and domestic marketplaces to offer to our clients directly. This technique assures a steady supply of high-quality goods at reasonable prices.We use strict controls and safety processes as one of the leading wholesale food suppliers and distributors to ensure the freshness and quality of all our products. Akaflour Ventures Corporation Quality Assurance processes assess the safety and composition of every food product we create and provide to our clients using recognized testing procedures.

Our Mission is To become the preferred supply chain partner for novel food ingredients and industrial chemicals while offering exceptional service to our customers.

Our Vision is To source and distribute a consistent supply of high-quality items at competitive prices to assure our customers' brands' success.


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Our devoted staff works with our customers to help them establish effective, sustainable, and lucrative companies, from wheat procurement to flour milling, product development, quality control, and sales.


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